– Cynthia M.

Excellent service! I could not be more pleased. Prompt, courteous, detailed, knowledgeable, skilled the list goes on. Hassan arrived on time and began his work. He did not stop for over 3 hours. He really inspected every inch of the house I am looking to purchase. When finished, he went into detail about the good and bad he found. He answered every question I had in detail. He did not leave until he made sure I had no more questions and understood everything he told me. I never felt rushed at all. I was fascinated by the infrared camera, with it he was able to show me a piece of insulation that had fallen in a wall! He was able to show me the problem areas that heat could come in at with the infrared. He emailed me the report two days later, which I found incredible considering it was 37 pages long and extremely detailed including the pictures he took. I highly recommend Acumen Home Inspection. I chose them because of their 5-star rating, now I am pleased to add another 5-star. However, I would award Hassan more stars if possible.

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